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Coconut Curry Chickpea Soup

We really enjoyed this creamy soup. I didn’t have any red bell peppers, but it was fine to leave it out. I also used beef broth instead of chicken broth. I served this soup with brown rice.

You can find the recipe at:

Huevos Rancheros

When I lived in New Mexico, this was one of my favorite things to order. They made it with a sauce of green chilies on top instead of a tomato salsa, but it’s pretty much the same otherwise. This is a really fast meal if you use pre-made salsa and tortillas, but it’s a special meal for us because we make both of those from scratch. I think the next time I make huevos rancheros I’ll double the salsa recipe so that I have leftover salsa to use on other things. Continue reading

Chana Masala – Indian Garbanzo Beans

Now this dish isn’t the most local because the beans come from India, but I really like it anyway. We can’t get garbanzos in town, but if you want them, you can find them at the Indian grocery store in Vientiane. You can also get the spices for this recipe there. I got this Chana Masala recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

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Canned Tomatoes

Canning tomatoes reminds me of a small dark room in my grandparents’ basement. It had 2 walls lined with shelves that were full of canned things. I think I remember pickled okra, sweet pickles, dill pickles, tomatoes, and peppers (there was probably more too). My Grandma also had a deep freezer in that room. She grew lots of tomatoes and probably had to can them to deal with the quantity. We’ve tried twice to grow tomatoes here, but it hasn’t worked, so I canned some tomatoes from the market. In the dry season, it’s too dry and cold for tomatoes and in the rainy season, it’s too wet and buggy! This time I only canned 2 kilos, but next time I would can more to be more efficient with the water and energy used in processing the jars.

Once again, I went to the National Center for Home Food Preservation website for directions on canning. I used this recipe: Whole or Halved Tomatoes. I don’t know why the recipe specifies that the lemon juice should be bottled. Maybe it has something to do with regulating acidity. I don’t have bottled lemon juice, only juice from lemons, so I used vinegar instead to be on the safe side.

Gazpacho – Chilled Tomato Soup

Gazpacho is a well known Spanish tomato soup that is served cold. It’s a great light lunch with some crusty bread. When my mom and I went to Spain, we ate this for many lunches because it was so hot in the middle of the day and this was refreshing and easy to find. Traditionally gazpacho includes cucumbers, but it’s a flexible soup. Add cucumbers to this recipe if you have them. I decided to make gazpacho because green bell peppers are finally available in town and that’s an essential ingredient for me. Continue reading

Tomato Pasta Sauce (the better one)

After talking with my friend Meghan, who loves tomatoes, I’ve changed how I make pasta sauce. Pureeing the tomatoes before cooking them wasn’t a great idea because it ended up with a strange consistency. So this time, I only halved some cherry tomatoes and they became soft very quickly. You don’t need to use cherry tomatoes, it’s just what I had. I liked this sauce better. Like the other sauce recipe, you can add 1/4 C red wine and let the sauce cook a little longer. Continue reading

Tomato Soup

We love this soup and probably eat it once a week. James says it smells like pizza. I used to make this soup with tomato juice, but the store ran out and hasn’t stocked it again! That’s okay though because this version has a nicer texture with the tomato chunks. Great with some wheat bread on the side. Continue reading