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Wasabi Seaweed Chips


These are my new favorite snack. Actually I love many kinds of dried seaweed, especially the Korean kind that comes in sheets and is a little salty. This kind is made in Thailand though. As far as I can tell, seaweed is not traditional Thai or Lao food. It’s more common in Korea and Japan, but aparentally Thai people are starting to like it too.

Here’s a weird picture from the back of the package:


I think the meaning is “All the cool skinny girls eat seaweed chips. Fat ladies who eat potato chips feel left out.” Nevermind the fact that this bag of seaweed chips contains 27 grams of fat! Really though, it’s a lot of seaweed and I’d never want to eat the whole bag in one sitting anyway.

Pad Thai

I’ve tried making similar Thai noodle dishes a few times, and this is definitely the best.  The shape of the noodles is not very important, thin or thick ones are fine, just make sure they’re made of rice or bean starch.  The spiciness can also be adjusted by adding more curry paste or peppers.  I made this recipe rather mild so that most Americans can eat it!  Thai food can be really spicy.  In Laos, we have Thai ramen noodles and I can’t eat them if I add more than half of the flavor packet.  I had the same problem when I got Thai curry soups in Thailand, but that problem can be solved by mixing it with a lot of rice.  It’s important to add the lime juice at the end because if you add it too early, some of the flavor will cook off. Continue reading

Thai Eggplant Curry


This is not an authentically Thai dish because Thai people would probably use chicken or pork in something like this and it would be more like a soup. It still tastes very Thai. The coconut milk and red curry paste really make this delicious. Thai curries and Indian curries taste very different, so it’s strange that their both “curries”. I guess the reason is that they both use mixes of spices sometimes called curries. Anyway, don’t try using a yellow curry powder instead of the red curry paste, it’s completely different! (I hope I’m not insulting your intelligence) You can find the red curry paste in a small jar in the Asian foods section of most grocery stores. It’s often from Thai Kitchen. We peeled the eggplant because the skin was tough, but maybe your eggplant won’t need peeling. Continue reading