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Tart Plum Jam

Update, May 2010 – I now have another recipe posted for plum jam. The new version is shelf-stable (uses real canning techniques) and is slightly easier because it doesn’t involve straining out the pits. Here’s the new plum jam post.

Plums are in season lately, which is great because they’re one of my favorite fruits here. We even have some plums from the 2 plum trees in our yard. I’m not that into making jam, but I love this jam and it’s pretty simple to make. Also, you don’t necessarily need canning supplies and pectin to make some jams, including this one. The pits in the plums actually have pectin in them that helps the jam thicken (at least these plums do). If you store this jam in the refrigerator and eat it within a month or 2, you don’t need to be so particular about having the right kind of jar or sealing it closed with heat. Continue reading

Green Mango

I love this way of eating mangoes. Many of the mangoes available now are not quite ripe, so this is a good way to eat them. The tartness of the mango is extra zingy with the salty/spicy dip. Mexicans do something similar to this too. The dip also tastes good with watermelon, pineapple, ripe mango, or cantaloupe. Continue reading