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I haven’t always known that sesame is a great flavor. I mean, when you only eat sesame seeds on hamburger buns and in granola bars, it’s hard to know what they taste like. Then I discovered that toasted sesame oil is a great addition to Thai food. Just recently I discovered how much I love sesame seeds ground up with olive oil and salt – in other words, tahini. When I was in college, tahini was just an ingredient for hummus that I didn’t include because it was too expensive. Continue reading

Pizza Crust

pesto bacon pizza

pesto bacon pizza

There is one place in town that makes pizza and I used to think it was good until I realized that it’s not that difficult (and much cheaper) to make pizza myself. The main problem with the restaurant’s pizza is that they use ketchup for pizza sauce and that’s just wrong! Their crust could use a little work too.

I use this amount of crust for 1 medium pizza, but it could be made into 2 smaller pizzas as well. I like the thick chewiness of this crust. Continue reading

Country Style Green Beans

I first made green beans this way last Thanksgiving when I was craving something comfortable and American tasting. My parents grew up in Kansas, which I think is why I feel that holiday food must be simple, warm, and sort of Southern. The beans were a success because they have a nice texture and are quite flavorful. Continue reading