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Good Everything – restaurant review

cute silverware holder

Since Udon Thani is the biggest Thai city close to Vientiane, we find ourselves there pretty often. Sometimes we go to Udon for its airport and sometimes for it’s hospital. Whenever we’re there, we love to eat at Good Everything. It’s a cute little restaurant across the street from Nong Prajak Park where everything really is good (everything we’ve tried at least). The atmosphere is airy, fresh, quiet, and quaint. It reminds me of an old flower shop and it’s surrounded by a small, carefully maintained garden.

The menu includes both Thai and foreign dishes. It can be hard to find good western food in Southeast Asia. Sometimes it’s too bland, too ketchup-y, or not very healthy. I don’t know how, but Good Everything has figured out what western food should actually taste like!

The last time we ate there, I got the corn cream soup and a mango shake:

corn cream soup with garlic bread

Mango Shake - so pretty!

James ordered a Vietnamese style wrap set (sorry for the out of focus lettuce):

In the past we’ve had the salad nicoise, bread basket with spreads (one of our favorites), Thai latna, and many of the fruit drinks. All the fruit drinks are presently beautifully and made of real fruit. They also have a good selection of teas and desserts.

Mango Shortcake with Ginger Whipped Cream

On Tuesday, we celebrated my friends Kim’s birthday by having a picnic under the stars by a pond on a moonless night with fireflies all around. It was beautiful! The hostess of the picnic asked me to bring any dessert except cake because Kim would have already eaten cake many times that day. I wanted to bring something special, so I decided on mango shortcake. The mangoes are delicious right now! Continue reading

Mango Rains

Okay, it seems I jumped the gun yesterday . . .  it isn’t the rainy season yet.  James told me this soon after I posted yesterday, and it was confirmed when I asked a friend of ours who has been living in SE asia for 30 years. He said in Thailand, they call this “the mango rains” – something about the mango trees needing a little rain at this time of year. So during February and March, it might rain occaisionally, but it’s not really the rainy season.  How silly of me! I guess I’m still learning since I’ve only been here for the start of 1 rainy season!

Mango Crepes

James is a great crepe maker and this is the recipe he learned as a kid.  I improvise the sauces when James makes crepes and mango sauce is one of our favorites.  This time I flavored the sauce with vanilla, but usually I use cinnamon and I like that version better. Continue reading

Green Mango

I love this way of eating mangoes. Many of the mangoes available now are not quite ripe, so this is a good way to eat them. The tartness of the mango is extra zingy with the salty/spicy dip. Mexicans do something similar to this too. The dip also tastes good with watermelon, pineapple, ripe mango, or cantaloupe. Continue reading