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Passion Fruit and Its Flower

James is trying to grow a different variety of passion fruit in the garden. Up here in the mountains, we have a small variety that tastes great, but doesn’t make a lot of juice. This is the larger variety of passion fruit, which grows in Vientiane.

So far, our vine has produced less than 10 fruits and some flowers that might turn into fruit. Aren’t the flowers crazy beautiful?! We hope our passion fruit vines will give us lots of passion fruit juice!

Passion Fruit Juice (Jugo de Chinola or Maracuya)

Passion fruit is one of James’ top 3 favorite fruits, so he was very excited to find it growing at our friend’s house.  Then we found more of them at the main market in town.  We bought 5 kilos and made a delicious juice that James remembers from his childhood in the Dominican Republic.  This is more of a technique than a recipe because the hard part about making passion fruit juice is getting the pulp off the seeds.  The proportions of water and sugar can be altered to your liking. Continue reading