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Apple Galette

I love that galettes are like pies, except less fussy.  You don’t need a pie pan or any skill at shaping a pie crust.  This probably works with a variety of fruits, but I know that it works with peaches. Continue reading

Peach Galette

Something like a peach is in season right now.  It doesn’t look like a peach very much because it’s greenish on the outside and pale green on the inside.  I think it’s just that no one lets them get at ripe as we would like them.  It’s okay if you use them in baking though – they turn orange and taste peachy!  I might even like them better than a normal peach in baking because they have a nice tartness to them like a green apples does.  This galette was delicious, but I don’t have the proportion of crust to fruit right yet (too much crust).  So I’m going to try this again with apples and then post the new and improved recipe!