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Guava Jam (mermelada de guayaba)


We love guava season! Here’s what’s so great about guavas:

  • They taste like a tropical version of a pear
  • When made into jam, the whole house smells lovely
  • Half of them are a beautiful shade of pink on the inside

Here’s what’s not so great about guavas:

  • Since they’re small, peeling them for jam takes a long time
  • They’re prone to worminess (because they’re so sweet)
  • They’re full of seeds

So, making jam out of guavas can be a long process, but for me it’s totally worth it. Continue reading

Passion Fruit Juice (Jugo de Chinola or Maracuya)

Passion fruit is one of James’ top 3 favorite fruits, so he was very excited to find it growing at our friend’s house.  Then we found more of them at the main market in town.  We bought 5 kilos and made a delicious juice that James remembers from his childhood in the Dominican Republic.  This is more of a technique than a recipe because the hard part about making passion fruit juice is getting the pulp off the seeds.  The proportions of water and sugar can be altered to your liking. Continue reading

Arroz Con Leche (rice pudding)


This is one of James’ specialties, but since he’s away for 2 weeks, I have to make it myself! James was in charge of making breakfast for his family when he was growing up and that’s how he learned to make this dish. It’s a great way to use up leftover rice and one of my favorite breakfasts. Continue reading

ginger tea for a cold

I have a stuffy head and nose. In China, the Dominican Republic, and probably lots of other places, ginger and honey are considered good for a cold. I hope it works! Continue reading