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Peppernuts, Pfeffernusse, Pepernoten

Peppernuts are my husband’s favorite Christmas cookie, but I did not grow up with them since I’m neither Dutch, German, or Mennonite. This recipes is different from most peppernut recipes in that it has more of some of the spices and it includes fresh ginger. The fresh ginger comes from living in places where it’s easier to find fresh ginger than dry.

The good thing about peppernuts is that they’re very flavorful and good for munching. They are sort of a strange cookie though. They’re supposed to be hard and crunchy like nuts (hence the name). They have lots of black pepper in them.

James’ family recipe for them isn’t specific about the amount of flour to use, so you have to know when the dough “looks right”. That’s the part that I’m bad at. I expect recipes to have actually quantities of ingredients and I didn’t know what peppernut dough was supposed to look like. So I would just dump all the flour in and end up with a dough that was impossible to roll into snakes (like the original recipes says to do).

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Gingerbread Men

This is probably my favorite Christmas cookie, although I also like molasses cookies. It’s not a coincidence that both of them involve a lot of molasses. I got the recipe for this cookie from Real Simple. I like this recipe because it makes a lot of cookies. Molasses is hard to find here, but you can get it in Vientiane. I also recently heard that there’s a liquid version of nam oi (solid raw cane sugar) sold at the market in town, but I haven’t looked for it yet. If you want to substitute fresh ginger for ground, you can, but be sure to use more of it since it’s not as concentrated.

I decorated the cookies with royal icing which is good for gingerbread cookies because it dries hard. The recipe says not to eat royal icing because of the raw egg whites, but I don’t think egg whites are a problem.

Molasses Cookies

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes because it’s easy, soft and chewy, and because I love molasses. If molasses was easier to get in Laos, I would make these cookies a lot more often. You can sometimes find it at Phimphone in Vientiane. If you don’t have ground ginger you can use raw ginger instead. Just make sure it’s very finely grated or pounded in a mortar and pestle.

You can find the recipe at Allrecipes.com. I don’t need to edit this one – it’s good already.

Cinnamon Cookies

Maybe Cinnamon Cookies would get more attention in December than in July, but if I waited to post about them I might forget! I followed the recipe exactly except that I used turbinado sugar (granulated light brown sugar) instead of white sugar. I’ve used white sugar before though and both ways are good.

Patti’s Peppernuts (Pfeffernuesse)


I’m visiting James’ family in the Dominican Republic. We’re having a very Christmassy time even though we’ll actually spend Christmas at a cottage on a beach.  Today we made wreathes, listened to Christmas music, and made peppernuts. This is the second time we’ve made peppernuts because the first batch was eaten in less than 24 hours. Continue reading

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

James told me the other day that oatmeal raisin is one of his favorite kinds of cookies. I agreed, so I made these. The recipe I used called for walnuts, but since walnuts aren’t available here, I used peanuts and was pleased with the raisin/peanut flavor combination. Continue reading

Pfeffernuesse (Peppernuts)

I made these cookies for our friends who came over last Sunday. There were 4 kids in the group and they gobbled them up. These cookies are perfect for kids because they are small and not crumbly. I love sweets that have molasses or brown sugar in them, so these are some of my favorite cookies. The fresh ginger also adds a nice flavor. Continue reading