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Sokkie the Cat

Most of you last saw Sokkie in November when she was only 2 months old. Now she’s 8 months old and has gotten a lot bigger, so she thinks she’s grown up, but I don’t agree. Maybe she’s a teenage cat.

Sokkie watching the birds

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Our New Kitten – Sokkie


We have a new kitten! She just sort of showed up a couple weeks ago. Since she was a stray we took her in. She’s cute and pretty healthy for a stray. She has little white feet, so we’ve named her “Sokkie” which means something like “little sock” in Dutch. It’s pronounced “soakie”. I also like this name because in Lao, “Sok” means “search for” and she was searching for a home.

Maybe it seems to you like I keep getting new cats and kittens? Well you’re right, but currently we only have one cat. It seems that cats in Laos, and especially kittens, are quite unpredictable. Continue reading