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Sokkie the Cat

Most of you last saw Sokkie in November when she was only 2 months old. Now she’s 8 months old and has gotten a lot bigger, so she thinks she’s grown up, but I don’t agree. Maybe she’s a teenage cat.

Sokkie watching the birds

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Our New Kitten – Sokkie


We have a new kitten! She just sort of showed up a couple weeks ago. Since she was a stray we took her in. She’s cute and pretty healthy for a stray. She has little white feet, so we’ve named her “Sokkie” which means something like “little sock” in Dutch. It’s pronounced “soakie”. I also like this name because in Lao, “Sok” means “search for” and she was searching for a home.

Maybe it seems to you like I keep getting new cats and kittens? Well you’re right, but currently we only have one cat. It seems that cats in Laos, and especially kittens, are quite unpredictable. Continue reading

The Garden

James has been doing a lot of work in the garden over the past month and the results are starting to show. It’s the end of the rainy season, so it’s a great time to start planting vegetables that would have drowned if you planted them 2 months ago (like lettuce, cilantro, dark leafy greens, green onions . . .)

So far the most exciting part of our garden is the okra – “tua lek” in Lao. It’s kind of funny that there’s a word for it in Lao because most people have never seen it or heard of it.


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