Mak Nao means lime/lemon in Lao. I live in Laos with my husband, James, who works for an organization that does community development work in Hmong villages. I love the variety of produce that is available in the market although it is quite different from what I’m used to in America. On this blog, I share my attempts at cooking with the foods that I find. I rarely cook authentically Lao food, but our food is often Southeast Asian inspired. I don’t claim that anything labeled Lao or Thai is authentic – just inspired by those cuisines.  We also love Mexican, Dominican, Indian, and sometimes American food. We are casual vegetarians, meaning we hardly ever cook with meat, but we enjoy it, eat it at restaurants, and I like to have bacon around for flavor. Out of necessity, most of our food turns out to be local and based on whole foods and we are fine with that!


4 responses to “About

  1. This all sounds (and looks) yummy! Can I drop by and sample some of your cooking?

  2. Hey sarah. cool site!!! this food looks really good!! could you cook some when u come in december?

    love you!


  3. hi,

    my name is yer yang and i am hmong. Right now i am attending le cordon bleu cooking college in boston and thinking about going to Tamarind for my externship in november and sense you have been there i want to know how your experience was like.

    yer yang

  4. I like how you explain the adaptations to your environment . Also you suggest what worked and didn’t and how others can improve on the process.

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