Monthly Rice Field Photo #5 – April

April Rice Field by sjzwier
April Rice Field, a photo by sjzwier on Flickr.

So, I forgot to take a rice field photo for March, but really March looked a lot like February. You didn’t miss much.

Now it’s pretty exciting because the rains have started. It’s not raining everyday and never all day, but just enough to get a some water into this field. People are starting to plant corn in their upland fields.

4 responses to “Monthly Rice Field Photo #5 – April

  1. You can really see the difference in the color of the fields, water level and even the clarity of the air since February! I love the fresh, green color.

  2. Yes, I love how much clearer the air is once the rains start.

  3. Hi,

    I am organizing a filming trip for a well know broadcasting company and am researching the best months to visit Laos. We want to time our filming with when the land is lush and green and plenty of people are out in the rice paddy fields work the land. Would love your advice as your month by month images are fantastic – is there any more.

  4. Hi I am organising a filming trip with a well known broadcasting company and we want to time our filming so that the rice fields are green and lush and there are plenty people working on them. Would love your advice. Your monthly photos are very helpful – do you have any more?

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