Mongolian Dumplings

The last time we were away, our friend from Mongolia watched our house and our cat for us. When we came, we were happy to find that the cat and the house were fine, but we never expected to find food waiting for us! She made these dumplings and also something sort of like empanadas. The dumplings were frozen and I thought they were tortellini, but our friend explained that they were Russian. They tasted more Chinese than Russian to me, but whatever – they’re really good. The filling is a combination of beef and green vegetables. I can’t tell exactly which vegetables, but it tastes like celery leaves, dill, or green onions. We ate these dumplings dipped in soy sauce with ground red pepper. Maybe I could get her to teach me how to make these . . .

4 responses to “Mongolian Dumplings

  1. oh these is my comfort food. dumplings. and those look sooo delicious!

  2. Oh wow.. it looks so yummy! I wish I had the recipe for this 🙂

  3. Oh wow! Alta cooked for my class once and it was so good, and these look great! I wonder if I’ve been lied to about Mongolian food and it’s actually really delicious…
    I will check back if this recipe ever comes online.

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