3 Family Reunions!

I’m going to be away for a little while visiting family and friends in the United States. We get to attend 1 wedding and 3 family reunions! It’ll be great to see our extended families especially since we don’t get to see them often.

We also get to visit the World Expo in Shanghai. Since we are flying through Shanghai anyway, we decided to make it an extended (24 hour) layover so that we could see the Expo. A “World Expo” is the same thing that used to be called a “World’s Fair” and I’ve wanted to attend one ever since I learned about the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.

I still plan to update this blog while I’m away, but it will be less often since I won’t be able to cook as much while I’m traveling.


4 responses to “3 Family Reunions!

  1. Dear Sarah, we will just have to cook extra delicious food when you’re in Madison to make up for your lack of recipe posting while you’re in the US of A!
    Love, Sarah.

    • Betty and Sarah – Thanks for your encouragement, but I don’t know if you should expect great cooking from me when we see each other in Wisconsin. I don’t think my cooking skills are extra special – I just know how to use what I have in Laos. So, in Wisconsin, you’re probably a better cook, Sarah, since you know your area and your kitchen. Love you guys and see you soon!

  2. Sound like you are gonna have incredible trip!

  3. Pack those recipes! The family is expecting wonderful culinary adventures while we’re together in WI. Looking forward to seeing you both soon!!

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