Plum Torte

I know this picture looks sort of like burnt pepperoni pizza, but it isn’t. It looks like that because the cinnamon on top of the plums darkened in the oven. The plums were fine though and the torte was a success.

After turning most of the plums from our trees into plum jam, I used the rest to make an Original Plum Torte. This recipe comes from The Splendid Table which is a National Public Radio show “for people who love to eat”. The recipe is great as it is and the only alteration I have is that you might need more than 24 plum halves depending on the size of the plums. Just fill the top of the torte with plums.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why is this called a torte instead of a cake or tart?” I’m not really sure because I didn’t invent or title this recipe. I used to think that tortes were flourless since there are recipes with names like “Chocolate Flourless Torte”, but I looked up the word “torte” and sometimes they’re made with flour.  This torte does seem more like a pound cake with plums on top to me though.


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