Baked Eggs with Greens


My friend Emily at Paper Turtle wrote a very flexible recipe called “Baked Eggs for Breakfast”. It’s an easy way to make greens likable. I did the “industrious” version, left out the nutmeg, and used bok choy (or something like it) for the greens. There are so many kinds of dark leafy greens here I can’t keep them all straight! Oh, I also whisked the eggs because even though I like slightly soft yolks, some people don’t . . .


2 responses to “Baked Eggs with Greens

  1. Dear Sarah, nice to see that you are blogging again! I am a regular reader, also enjoying the Lao background in all your photos (Xieng Khouang hills in the Christmas picture, a typical “pha” under a dish).
    We think of you often, you living in our old house!
    Gerda from the Netherlands

    • Hi Gerda, I didn’t know that you were reading this. Thank you. I think about you sometimes too, especially when I’m remembering the history of this house. Did you know that I’m teaching for a Dutch family here? I love it and I’ll miss them when they go to Holland for a year soon.

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