A Birthday Cake!

A week ago, my favorite twin boys turned 7 and I offered to help decorate the cake for their party since I just got some cake decorating supplies. I now have a reusable decorating bag, 6 icing tips, food coloring especially for frosting (thanks Dad!), and some decorative candy hearts (thanks Darlene!). I need powdered sugar though. Our local mini-mart, “Seum’s”, used to carry it but hasn’t in a while. I can get it in Vientiane too next time I go.

Anyway, about the cake – the twins’ mom baked the cake and I decorated it with homemade buttercream frosting. I think the border around the bottom turned out nicely. My main mistake was adding too much color to the frosting. It looks okay, but people’s teeth were turning blue at the party! One little 7 year old smiled at me with blue teeth and wide eyes to say thank you for the frosting! I wish I had a picture of that too 🙂

3 responses to “A Birthday Cake!

  1. Very fun! I’m sure the boys loved it – blue teeth and all.

  2. Sarah,

    I heard you can make powdered sugar by putting granulated sugar in the blender and grinding it to a powder. Look into it some more or just try it!

    • Yes I’ve heard that too. This time, half of the powdered sugar I used was made that way by the twins’ mom. It worked okay, but the frosting was a little grainy because of it. I’m going to try it again myself though and see if I can get it more finely ground.

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