Amaranth Leaves

At lunch today James came home with an armful of amaranth stems. They came from the research garden at the office. I’ve heard a lot about amaranth, but have never actually eaten it. It’s a favorite plant amongst agricultural development experts. Here’s a post James wrote about it:

James’ post on amaranth

CRWRC (and other organizations) have been promoting amaranth in Africa because of it’s nutritional content and versatility. You can eat the grains or leaves of the plant, but most of the time, grain amaranth is what development people are talking about. However, Hmong people (the most common minority in our province) have been growing amaranth for a long time and eating the leaves in stir-fries and soups. So tonight we will eat amaranth leaves too! We’re having black beans and rice for dinner, so I’m going to stir the chopped amaranth leaves into our beans.


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