The Once and Future Apple Cake


The Once and Future Apple Cake is a cake with a story. It began with a little girl whose mother baked apple cakes, but then died when the girl was young. When the girl grew up, she searched and searched for an apple cake like her mother’s. Please read the story and recipe here. I can’t tell the story any better than it has already been told.

When I bake this apple cake, I make a couple alterations because of where I live:

  1. Brown sugar doesn’t have to be the kind of brown sugar we know in the US. I either use “nam oi” (pure cane sugar paste) or raw/turbinado sugar. It’s not as strong and moist as brown sugar, but it works.
  2. I leave the pecans out. You could substitute walnuts, but the walnuts here aren’t great quality anyway. I don’t think peanuts or cashews would be quite right, but I haven’t tried it.

One response to “The Once and Future Apple Cake

  1. Great story! I will definitely make this cake — and I’ll be thinking about you while I enjoy the smell and the taste.

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