I haven’t always known that sesame is a great flavor. I mean, when you only eat sesame seeds on hamburger buns and in granola bars, it’s hard to know what they taste like. Then I discovered that toasted sesame oil is a great addition to Thai food. Just recently I discovered how much I love sesame seeds ground up with olive oil and salt – in other words, tahini. When I was in college, tahini was just an ingredient for hummus that I didn’t include because it was too expensive. Now that I can make my own tahini, I realize it’s delicious and not expensive. Sesame seeds are easy to find and inexpensive over here, but I’ve never looked for them in the US. Are they expensive there?

Tahini is mostly an ingredient for humus, but other things can be made with it as well, like tahini sauce (a great veggie dip or cracker spread). I suggest using the dry mill blender attachment because it keeps the seeds from bouncing around and makes a smoother tahini. A dry mill is a lot like a coffee or spice grinder, but it attaches to a blender and is easier to clean. Some people prefer raw sesame seeds in tahini, but I like mine toasted.

  • 1 C sesame seeds
  • 5 T olive oil
  • 1 t salt
  1. Toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan on the stove. Stir the seeds constantly while over medium heat until the seeds smell great and are just a shade darker (very light tan instead of white).
  2. Grind toasted seeds, olive oil, and salt together in a dry mill.

makes about 1/2 C tahini

2 responses to “Tahini

  1. “just an ingredient for hummus that I didn’t include because it was too expensive”

    could have Sworn we used tahini… from Eastown grocery or something… then again maybe that’s why the hummus was never spectacular. 😉 or was it? memory loss. we are aging fast.

  2. You’re right, we did have tahini, but I didn’t always use it. Sometimes I used it in really small amounts. That’s why those jars lasted so long. I do think the hummus would have been more spectacular with tahini. I’m going to post a hummus recipe too sometime.

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