Wasabi Seaweed Chips


These are my new favorite snack. Actually I love many kinds of dried seaweed, especially the Korean kind that comes in sheets and is a little salty. This kind is made in Thailand though. As far as I can tell, seaweed is not traditional Thai or Lao food. It’s more common in Korea and Japan, but aparentally Thai people are starting to like it too.

Here’s a weird picture from the back of the package:


I think the meaning is “All the cool skinny girls eat seaweed chips. Fat ladies who eat potato chips feel left out.” Nevermind the fact that this bag of seaweed chips contains 27 grams of fat! Really though, it’s a lot of seaweed and I’d never want to eat the whole bag in one sitting anyway.


5 responses to “Wasabi Seaweed Chips

  1. The back of package said…. low in calories, will not make you fat!!! hahahhahah those words are in thai 🙂

    If you’re in Laos, you should try the lao version of seaweed(MeKong weed) hahahahha. It is very popular in Northern part of Laos, especially in Luangprabang. It is call “Kai Pan”, they deep fried it to crispy and makes it great snack.

  2. I love these too … can you buy them online ?

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