Ketsana in Laos – update

We are in Vientiane now and the weather here is about the same as in Xiengkhuang, just a bit warmer. It’s cloudy and a bit rainy, but there’s no flooding, which is so great because the Mekong flooded in Vientiane last year and it was a mess.

So, I’m thankful that the places I go the most are fine, but not all of Laos was able to avoid Ketsana. It seems that the provinces in southern Laos (Savannakhet, Attepeu, Saravan (Salavan), and Xekong) have been the most affected. According to an article today in the Vientiane times, at least 3 people have died in the south. A friend of ours said 9 people, but it’s probably more than either guess because the provinces are remote and of course communication is even harder during a disaster. By the way, it’s not the Mekong, but the Xekong “See-kong” that flooded.

“The flash flooding has passed and the storm has weakened, but many communities in the provinces are cut off from roads and any form of communication,” Souksakhone Vaenkeo, Vientiane Times.

Although our organization doesn’t work in the southern provinces of Laos, they do work in the Philippines. Click to read about their response to Ketsana.


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