Mango Rains

Okay, it seems I jumped the gun yesterday . . .  it isn’t the rainy season yet.  James told me this soon after I posted yesterday, and it was confirmed when I asked a friend of ours who has been living in SE asia for 30 years. He said in Thailand, they call this “the mango rains” – something about the mango trees needing a little rain at this time of year. So during February and March, it might rain occaisionally, but it’s not really the rainy season.  How silly of me! I guess I’m still learning since I’ve only been here for the start of 1 rainy season!

3 responses to “Mango Rains

  1. mmm, mangos! it makes me happy to know that there is special rain just for them, although i’m sure your vegetables will enjoy

  2. Hey hows’ about some updates? It’s no longer March.

  3. Wow, nothing like a younger brother to tease me into doing something!

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