The Rainy Season

Yay! It’s the beginning of the rainy season! The rainy season in Laos isn’t very predictable and it’s not going to rain non-stop now that it’s started.  But I’m pretty sure that today is the day because it has rained about 2 or 3 hours already. 2 nights ago there was a short drizzle and there was a light rain about 3 weeks ago. Before that it had been months since it rained!

The reason I’m glad it’s raining is that it’s been so dry, dusty, and smoggy recently. On my bike rides I’ve barely been able to see the hills around the city and my throat has been sore from all the stuff in the air. People burn their fields before the rainy season to get rid of weeds, and the smoke has made the sky so dreary! I’m looking forward to beautiful mountains and clear air tomorrow.

Also, we started a vegetable garden about a month ago and some of it is doing quite well! I hope to post some pictures of it soon.

One response to “The Rainy Season

  1. Marcia Van Drunen

    Did the rains continue? Is your garden thriving?

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