Chile Peanuts

img_1945This has become a favorite snack in the last year. Peanuts are grown locally and they’re best if you roast them yourself. Otherwise they lose some of their crunch (and they’re more expensive). You can remove the garlic cloves after cooking or leave them in. I leave them in because I love eating a whole soft clove covered in chile and salt.

Chile Peanuts from The Splendid Table

The recipe says to use skinned peanuts, but I leave the skins on because it’s easier and I like the warm color. Also, I use ground thai chilis for the chile powder. It’s a lot spicier than your average chile powder, so I only use 1 teaspoon.


2 responses to “Chile Peanuts

  1. yum! looks like something i might like to try one of these days…

  2. that looks really good. I’m learning a lot about nutrition and how to eat healthy on a budget. I find your recipes really yummy and just to get that balance of protein, carbs and so forth.

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