TV about Phonsavan, XiengKhuang?!

So my friend Meghan told me about this show that she was watching and my city was in it!  I was surprised because most foreigners don’t bother coming here and there are few tourist attractions.  I was so excited that I found it on iTunes and downloaded it.  I’m glad I did – they did a great job thoughtfully portraying life here and had an appropriate attitude about the war that happened here.  I showed a portion of it to my Lao language tutor and she liked it too and was even more surprised than I was that they came here.  Anthony Bourdain’s tour guide in the Phonsavan part owns a beautiful hotel and restaurant here (Auberge de la Plaine des Jarres) and we know him!  They picked a great local guide.

You can find it by going to the iTunes Store within iTunes and searching for Anthony Bourdain.  This was Vol. 5, Episode 1 “Laos”.  It’s $2.


3 responses to “TV about Phonsavan, XiengKhuang?!

  1. I am so glad you got to see this. I’m even more happy I got to! I think everyone should watch this, it was really cool to see places that you have talked about!

    And that would be my first comment that doesnt’ start with “mmm…”

  2. I love how you stumble across random stuff here. I’ve been to Phonsavan and had a great tour around the area. Am looking forward to checking out this video when I’m not at work

  3. Cool! I hope it reminds you of your time here.

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