This way . . .

“Lao Red Cross Xiengkhouang Province, Traditional Massage and Sauna”

Doesn’t it look like the sign is telling you to go down the hole 100 meters and then look for the massage place? The arrow really means turn around and go the other way 100 meters. I know that because I’ve been there. It’s a nice, but not fancy, massage place for a really good price and the massage is more like yoga than massages I’ve had outside of Laos.


2 responses to “This way . . .

  1. After jumping down that hole to get a massage I would probably need some sort of doctor to reset some bones and maybe a chiropractor as well. What is a yoga massage? Do they help you do downward facing dog on the table or something?

  2. They sort of bend you in ways that stretch your muscles. Maybe we should take pictures next time. Last time I got one, the girl walked on the back of my legs while holding onto my feet! She was pretty little so it didn’t hurt 🙂

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