International Women’s Day

These are some flowers that James gave me for International Women’s Day (March 8th):


The only place to buy flowers in town is the yard of this family that grows a lot of flowers. I think it’s neat that flowers are local and you can pick them yourself! This bunch was the equivalent of about $1. I hadn’t heard of Women’s Day before coming here, but I like it. It’s sort of celebrated like Mother’s Day, except that it’s for non-mothers as well. To celebrate, we went on a picnic at a beautiful waterfall with some Lao friends.

International Women’s Day on Wikipedia

Today I’m leaving for a retreat in a different part of Laos. We’re going with James’ co-workers who are all from Laos except for one. It’ll be good to get to know them better and practice speaking Lao with them. We’ll be gone for a week and a half, so I won’t be posting as much during that time. When I get back, I’m planning to take some pictures of the market and post them. Two friends have told me that this is what the people want 🙂 I’ll feel a little self-conscious taking the pictures since the market is a very ordinary place to the people who work there and they know I’m not a tourist. Oh well!

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